I’ve called many places home–Austin; Berne, IN; Berlin; Iowa City; Potomac, MD; Seattle; State College, PA; and Washington D.C.–and I’ll travel anywhere. A few of my favorite pastimes are photography, road trips, visiting museums, watching documentaries, and collecting vinyl records. I also like running, but not enough to say so.

I am married to my wonderful partner, Julia Whicker, and we have two amazing daughters, Colette and Daphne. Julia is a novelist, (sometimes) poet, and a 2006 graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her 2018 book Wonderblood (Random House, Canada; Rizzoli, Italy; St. Martin’s, US), is set 1,000 years in the future, as two religions await the second coming of NASA Space Shuttles to carry them away from a dying and polluted earth. In Kansas, monks work a mysterious agriculture to try to save the poisoned land, and in Cape Canaveral, the royal establishment is steeped in excess and bloodshed. When lights ominously appear in the night sky, all must decide if the Space Shuttles have returned, or if they will be obliterated in a fiery apocalypse.